Cool Roof

A Cool Roof can be comprised of Built Up and Single Ply systems, or achieved with the application of certain Roof Coating systems, as long as the products have been approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council and have been properly installed.

Title 24

Originally established in 1978, the California Energy Code (more commonly known as Title 24) was written after a mandate came down from the legislature to reduce the state’s energy consumption in residential and non-residential buildings. Bigham Taylor achieves Title 24 compliance by installing a conforming roof system or coating. Compliance can also be achieved by conducting a full building analysis to determine how a building’s components relate to the overall calculations needed to achieve Title 24 acknowledgement.


What was once a design feature, skylights have become an effective way to reduce the lighting needs in a building. Bigham Taylor has installed skylights in a number of different environments and has advised many clients who are assessing the cost effectiveness of adding daylighting options to their building.


Solar energy has become one of the most in demand options for commercial buildings in California and Nevada and photovoltaic roofs are a key component of supplying alternative energy to businesses. Bigham Taylor partners with several leading solar companies to provide this roofing system and has been a trusted resource for many businesses.

Garden Roof

More and more building owners are turning their roofs into garden spots, adding a gathering location for tenants or employees that is good for morale and the environment. Bigham Taylor partners with several leading designers, who have the experience necessary to bring a garden roof to life.