We Are Bigham Taylor

Bigham Taylor Roofing Corp. launched in 1977 when Steve Bigham and Don Taylor came together to create a company that was based on a few key proposals — high standards of quality, service and value along with a client-first mentality.

In the 30-plus years since, BT has grown from two employees working out of a kitchen to a staff of dozens that work across Northern and Central California into Northern Nevada.

The company continues to dedicate itself to living up to the motto of “Superior Quality and Service, Because it Matters” at every opportunity.

The Team

  • Steve Bigham

  • President & Partner

Steve Bigham began his career in roofing in 1972 as an apprentice roofer, working on residences around the East Bay. Five years later, Steve met and partnered with Don Taylor to form Bigham Taylor Roofing. More than 30 years later, the company has grown into one of the most respected commercial and industrial shops in Northern California. “One of the things I’m proudest of is our long term client relationships,” he says. “We’ve made it a practice to listen and do what needs to be done, every single time. We’re honest and we make it a practice to only provide the solutions they need, not the ones we want to sell. I think it’s flattering when we get called back to do another project.”

  • Don Taylor

  • Vice President & Partner

Don Taylor’s first exposure to the roofing industry came as an apprentice roofer during the East Bay’s residential boom in the late 1960s. The frantic pace, plus his exposure to production management, gave him the experience necessary to succeed in business when he met and partnered with Steve Bigham in 1977. Don’s wide array of experiences has made him one of the most sought after technical experts in the industry and he’s helped design and install systems on the most challenging projects. “One of the greatest things about this job for me is the ability to be out in the field helping projects come together successfully,” Don says. “I love seeing what works and where I can help.”

  • Steve Galli

  • General Manager & Partner

Steve Galli came to BT in 1992 with the express responsibility of transforming the company’s internal operations. Now, Bigham Taylor operates as one of the most efficient and professional construction companies in the roofing industry. As General Manager, Steve works closely with project managers, consultants, owners and suppliers to ensure that the company continues to deliver on its promise of superior quality and service. Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA in Small Business Administration from the California State University East Bay. He became a partner in 2000.

  • Steve Yocham

  • Vice President, Field Operations & Partner

Steve Yocham first joined BT as an apprentice roofer back in 1989, earning valuable experience that has served him well as he works on a variety of demanding projects. Indeed, Steve’s background has earned him a reputation for his technical expertise within the industry. At the same time, his project management skills have ensured that every Bigham Taylor project exceeds the expectations set by owners, consultants and occupants. He became a partner in 2000.

  • Steve Duchene

  • Chief Financial Officer & Attorney

Steve Duchene has spent his life in the roofing industry, starting at his family’s business in Chicago and continuing during his college days in order to pay his tuition. So, it was no surprise when his first professional job was in the roofing industry. Before joining BT in 1989, Steve had worked with both manufacturers and distributors, learning all sides of the business. Steve has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, an MBA and a law degree. He is a member of the State Bar of California.

  • Travis Cleland

  • Service & Project Manager

Travis Cleland learned the value of communicating with clients when he started with Bigham Taylor as an apprentice roofer in 1986. He’s put that knowledge, as well as the experience he earned on the job, to good use as the company’s Service & Project Manager. In his current role, Travis manages a handful of responsibilities that includes estimating, project management and heading up the company’s Service Department where he works with clients when it comes to crucial Tenant Improvement projects, annual roof maintenance work and leak repairs.

  • Bryce Davey

  • Project Manager

Bryce Davey has been involved in the commercial roofing business since 1998. He has diverse estimating skills and has produced quality estimates for virtually every type of commercial roofing system available today. In 2006, he moved into a project management role where his intense customer focus and system knowledge enabled him to successfully sell and manage in excess of $20M roofing projects for customers in the aerospace, industrial, pharmaceutical, retail and multi-unit residential segments of the roofing industry. Bryce notes that “the most gratifying aspects of being in project management are seeing the customer 100 percent satisfied at the end of a job, and the relationships that are created during the process.”

  • Jesse Reed

  • Business Development & Project Manager

Jesse Reed brings a wide array of experiences to BT, including jobs where he learned the intricacies of estimating, resource management and operational logistics. “I really enjoy bringing the skills I learned in all of my past jobs to life here at Bigham Taylor,” Jesse says. “Being here is a great opportunity to learn something new, work with a team and get a break from being in a cubicle for eight to 10 hours a day.” Jesse earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a major in Supply Chain Management from the University of Nevada, Reno.

  • Darby Hunter Lampi

  • Controller

Darby Hunter Lampi came to BT in 2004 after a 10-year paralegal career. She became a core member of the company’s office staff almost immediately and she’s consistently added more responsibilities to her job description. Currently she oversees the company’s accounting and information departments, and is Bigham Taylor’s client liaison to help them understand how to use the Dataforma Customer Portal.

  • Rod Freitas

  • Superintendent

It’s been over 25 years since Rod Freitas stepped on his first roof, so he’s seen just about every roof shape, size and system imaginable. That experience has given him a solid base of expertise and confidence to deliver exactly what’s needed. At the same time, Rod has learned how to work with crews and clients to make sure that every Bigham Taylor project is safe and successful for both client and company.

  • Jose Reyes, Jr.

  • Superintendent

When Jose Reyes, Jr. came to work at Bigham Taylor at the age of 18, he had the opportunity to work alongside his father, who had been with the company for a number of years. Jose has worked his way up the ranks, starting as an apprentice roofer in 1996 to become one of the company’s superintendents. Jose’s field experience serves him well, as he works on projects all across the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Mario Montiel

  • Operations Manager

Mario Montiel assists the Operations department with job set up, staging and coordination, as well as materials buying. Mario also works with the Service department, coordinating and dispatching personnel to fix roof leaks. Mario is an Asbestos Supervisor and an OSHA 40-hour Supervisor.

  • Rachel Julian

  • Client Services Manager

Rachel Julian came to Bigham Taylor in 2008, serving as BT’s office manager for four years before her promotion to  Client Service Manager. In her new role, Rachel acts as an intermediary between clients and the Production and Service Departments. Rachel explains her focus as “building and maintaining relationships by providing excellent customer service.” She does this by translating the roofing terminology used in the office and communicating it effectively to the clients.