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*Note: No “Inspections” or “Estimates” are done by BT to price out emergency roof repairs. All emergency roof repairs are done on a Time and Materials basis with a minimum Not To Exceed amount of $1,000.00.
Service Location
Please include the number of leaks at this location and a description of the area(s) and leak(s).
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Emergency Leak Response Times & Priorities
Our typical response times are 24 to 48 hours, depending on the service priority. Often we are there on the same day. Emergency and extreme weather periods may delay our response times:

High (Priority 1) 4 - 24 hours, Medium (Priority 2) 24 - 72 hours, or Low (Priority 3) 48 - 96 hours.
High Priority Examples
  • Ceiling Tiles or Sheet Rock collapsed or about to collapse. (NOTE: Please puncture the tiles or sheet rock and contain the water to prevent collapse if at all possible.)
  • Computers or other immovable equipment being damaged.
  • Carpet or other flooring being damaged.
  • Electrical panel or phone panel (or similar) being damaged.
  • Product being damaged that cannot be moved or covered.

  • Medium Priority Examples
  • Ceiling tiles or sheet rock heavily stained but not in danger of collapse.
  • Warehouse areas getting wet that may be a safety hazard (wet concrete floor)

  • Low Priority Examples
  • Stained ceiling tiles (no danger of tiles collapsing due to water accumulation).
  • Wind driven rain through skylight or vents.
  • Wet flooring coming from wall joints, wall foundation, and/or doors and not from roof.
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