Roof Analysis & Budget

Owners, property managers, and facility managers rely on the expertise, integrity, and experience of our team to help determine an effective, efficient, and economical plan for a building’s roof. 

Our senior team of project managers and superintendents examine the condition, performance, and potential issues of a roof system to determine a smart game plan. We check structural integrity, system materials, drainage systems, insulation, and overall functionality. 

Often we will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine what type of work needs to be performed and if (or how) we can extend a roof’s life. 

Based on our investigations, we can accurately help plan and budget repairs or restorations as needed. We work with building owners and managers while developing a scope of work and estimate. Our estimates are based on a range of factors including (but not limited to) roof system specifications, labor costs, permits, and disposal fees.

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The first thing we build is relationships

The longevity, growth, and success of Bigham Taylor Roofing over the past 45-plus years are thanks to our relationships with property owners and managers, roofing consultants, and general contractors. We deliver transparency and honesty to foster solid and long-lasting relationships.

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