Can you remember what you were doing in July of 2008? 

Rachel Julian can. It’s when she started at Bigham Taylor. 

She’s been here ever since. Fifteen years go by quickly. Fifteen years is a long time. Brangelina was a thing in 2008. So were Twilight and Michael Phelps and Barrack Obama.

While the paparazzi isn’t chasing her around, Rachel is a star at Bigham Taylor. She’s brought a solid, consistent, professional approach to BT. She started as the office manager and receptionist. Over the years, she moved into helping schedule roof repairs and manage all of BT’s projects. 

She’s recently taken on the responsibility of scheduling the company’s Service Department, including calls for roof leak repairs, structural repairs, and tenant improvements. 

“I’ve stayed because this is a great place to work, and it’s a really good job,” Rachel says. “I really love everybody who works here. We’re a family. Everybody gets along, which is kind of creepy.” And then she laughs. 

“That’s a big part of it. The other part is that I get a lot of satisfaction out of what I do here,” she says.

Outside of her time at BT, Rachel and her husband have a handful of hobbies that keep them busy. “We have a 1958 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport convertible that we take to car shows in the area,” she says. “We won Best in Show in Walnut Creek last year.”

The two also purchased a house in Puerto Vallarta that they’re renovating and spend time chasing around their four dogs. Their two kids are out on their own, one is in college at Santa Barbara and the other working as a hairstylist.

Rachel laughs, “My husband wins things all the time, so I have to keep up with him. He won the 50/50 Raffle at a Raiders game a couple of years ago. He’s won two trips to Hawaii on the radio. We’re lucky and have a lot of fun.”