Atria Senior Living

It takes a certain type of care while working above senior citizens. Noise, debris, dust, and comfort are prime concerns on any given day. While working over the kitchen at the Atria Senior Living facility in Novato, California, the Bigham Taylor team had the additional challenge of not impacting the seniors’ dining schedules.

The 4,000-square-foot roof over the kitchen was at its end of useability, so the management team at Atria called for bids to re-roof the space. Bigham Taylor won the project bid and project management bid that included running the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical subs.

“Our work at this facility was not a simple tear-off and re-roof,” explains Steve Galli. “By the time we wrapped up, this was a custom job that included coordinating crews and facility staff, new safety rails, new construction, repair, roofing, and installation of new equipment.”

Location Novato, CA
Client Atria
Scope Replacement
Completed 2022
Size 4,000 sq ft

Atria’s onsite Maintenance Director, Brad Gettle, says, “Planning and phasing this project was challenging. One of the pieces of equipment supported our administrative offices, employee areas, and living room. But BT’s management of the whole project meant it ran smoothly.

“I’ve worked with Bigham Taylor on several sites that I’ve managed, and they always do a good job,” he continues. 

Given the amount of equipment on the roof, the first step was to plan what to do with those pieces.

“There were places where you had to crawl from one area to another because there were so many things on that roof,” Galli recalls. “We built supports for many things and moved some units to the ground.”

Once the mechanical system was off the deck, BT removed the existing flat roof and began prepping the area for an additional five inches of attic insulation and new curbs. 

Breaking apart the stucco under the shingle roof area brought an additional challenge since the original waterproofing material had disappeared. To fix that, BT removed everything down to the wall studs, replaced the waterproofing material, stuccoed the area, and rebuilt the shingle roof.

“So much of this job was making it happen on the fly,” Galli remarks. 

Project Consultant and Designer Jack McGovern from Armko Engineering, who manages all of Atria’s projects, called for Carlisle’s 80 mil PVC single-ply roof.

BT attached most of the insulation mechanically to the deck before gluing down the final layer and the Carlisle system. Next, BT installed the venting and HVAC systems, ducts, and gas and electrical lines, bringing everything up to code.

“Everything came out perfectly,” says Gettle. “We haven’t had any issues with the roof. There have been some small leaks from the ductwork, but they’ve been responsive and got someone to fix it immediately.”

Galli sums up the project: “The difficulty of this job was high. Not many other roofing companies could or would have taken the care to build the support frames for the mechanical systems, dropped it all down, and brought everything to code. We want to be known for taking care of our clients, and this was proof of that.”

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