Junipero Serra Commercial Building

Location Daly City, CA
Client Deutsche Wealth Services
Scope Replacement
Completed 2022
Size 52,000 sq ft

When is a relaxing evening at a movie theater, not a relaxing day watching a movie? When you’re torch applying 52,000 square feet of Johns Manville 2-ply Torch Applied Built-Up Roof above the theater. Yet, that’s where the Bigham Taylor crew found themselves in 2022, tearing off and reroofing a hundred feet above people watching the latest and greatest action flicks.

For over 25 years, Mark Curry from West Coast Roofing Consulting has called on Bigham Taylor when his clients’ properties needed roofing work. So, he knew who to call when the property at 1901 Junipero Serra Boulevard in Daly City needed help. 

“We’re hired to protect the owner’s investment,” Curry says. “Knowing that BT is onsite helps us relax because we know they will communicate with us and put safety first.”

It turns out that communication and safety were vital to the success of this project. 

“We had a lot of conference calls with Mark, the people that run building maintenance for Century Theatres, the on-site maintenance director, and the property manager,” reports Project Manager Steve Galli.

Superintendent Rod Freitas explains, “They asked us to submit a flawless schedule to the property manager and the building’s engineers before we started, so they all knew what would happen every step of the way.”

In addition to Century Theatres, the property includes office spaces, retail shops, and restaurants. Each of those stakeholders needed to know when construction would start and finish.

“Because Bigham Taylor knows what they’re doing, everything was logical,” Curry states. “That alone makes it easier on our tenants and our inspection process easier.”

The System

At the outset of the job, Curry specced in a single-ply roofing system. A host of challenges made acquiring that material difficult, so Curry and Bigham Taylor opted to use a torch-applied 2-ply Torch Applied Built-Up system

“The Johns Manville system was harder to install in that environment, but we knew we could get that material, and the client wanted cost certainty,” Galli explains. “We did have enough single-ply for the roof’s high walls, so we did a hybrid system. We gave them a more durable roof and kept it within budget.”

The Tear Off

The original roof was a suck-down system — a single-ply roof membrane applied loose and a series of vents that kept that membrane on the deck. “It only works a little bit,” Galli says. 

Freitas called the roof “mildly congested,” so the tear-off was relatively smooth. The keys were maintaining the deck’s integrity, limiting noise and dust, and ensuring pedestrians stayed safe. 

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