Mission Grove Condominiums

The Mission Grove Condominium complex is one of the largest in Silicon Valley, with residential and service buildings and dozens of carports spread across an entire city block.

The expanse of the complex was nothing new for Bigham Taylor, considering the company’s commercial roofing experience that includes massive warehouses, hotels, and office buildings.

Location San Jose, CA
Client Mission Grove Owners Association
Scope Replacement
Completed 2007
Size 40,000 sq ft

Mission Grove’s work started with removing the existing gravel built-up and tile roofs on the residential and service buildings. The company also removed the gravel built-up roofs on every carport.

Access for roof removal and new material delivery was challenging in spots, considering some buildings were tucked into heavily landscaped areas. To get in there, BT rented small forklifts to weave through the landscape. At other locations, BT was able to use cranes for delivery.

On the residential and service flat roofs, BT installed a Johns Manville Hot Asphalt Applied, Insulated Capsheet Surfaced built-up roof system. A new Eagle Tile Roof System was installed on the residential buildings’ sloped roofs. The carport roofs were replaced with a Johns Manville Hot Asphalt Terracotta Capsheet Surfaced assembly.

The challenges faced by BT on this project were diverse, yet one of the most important was the safety of the residents. So, every crew, crank, and forklift move had to be carefully planned and executed.

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