San Francisco Warehouse

San Francisco’s history as a hub of commerce dates back to the city’s earliest days. Today, the City’s numerous warehouses and industrial complexes act as distribution centers for many of the world’s largest retailers. 

When BT rolled up to the building on Toland Street in San Francisco, it found a building in need of maintenance service and repair. 

“When I first walked the building, it was raining, and I found something like 20 leaks,” says BT Superintendent Rod Frietas.

Steve Yocham, BT VP of Field Operations, points out the roof was a candidate for a complete reroof. “But because there’s a good slope on the roof, applying a silicone coating made sense. It solved the immediate problem and added ten years or so to the life of the system.”

As with many coatings jobs, the first step on this project was to remove all debris and power wash the surface. Once cleaned, the BT crew fixed all of the roof’s deficiencies and patched all cracks to stabilize the system. 

“Then we cut back the perimeter edge and resealed it to the edge metal with a special primer and Gacoflex coating that the manufacturer provided,” Frietas reports. “After that, we coated the entire roof with silicone. I believe we stopped all their leaks, and that roof should be good for a while.”

Location San Francisco, CA
Client Prologis REIT
Scope Coating
Completed 2022
Size 117,000 sq. ft.

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