San Ramon Office Complex

In the heart of San Ramon, the Bishop Ranch office complex is a hub of commerce in the Tri-Valley. Multi-national companies share building space with tech start-ups on a campus with beautiful landscapes and interesting architectural features.

Before they became part of Bigham Taylor Roofing, the Summit Roofing Services team reroofed two flat roofs at the 2600 Building and a copper roof at the owner’s headquarters building in the same location. 

Superintendent Marty Behrbaum reports that the job was done in three phases — 9,000 square feet on the south wing, 9,000 square feet on the east wing, and then the 8,000 square feet of copper roofing. 

The crew started on the south wing, working around an ill-placed stair tower and dense vegetation of ivy, trees, and shrubs. Their first job was removing the rock and insulation on the existing ballasted roof. 

 “The rock was removed the old-fashioned way,” Marty says with a laugh. “It was loaded into wheelbarrows and sent down a chute to a truck. We removed the insulation, rolled it up, and craned it to the ground. A local recycling company came in and took it away.”

From there, the crew cleaned up the plywood fastened to the concrete deck and installed 2.6 ISO boards, a quarter-inch DensDeck, and an adhered 50 mil FiberTite-XT-FB Fleece Back roll.

“We had to raise some of the counter flashings because of the thickness of the roof we added,” Marty says. 

Location San Ramon, CA
Client Sunset Development
Scope Replacement
Completed 2017
Size 18,000 sq. ft.

Marty points out that the work on the east wing, done a year later, was similar to that on the south wing. 

The copper roof on Sunset Development’s headquarters building was failing because the original roofer fastened plywood sheets to the concrete deck with steel square-head nails. “Electrolysis between the steel nails and the copper was burning holes in the metal roof,” explains Marty. “Those holes were causing roof leaks.”

The work was subcontracted to a company that specializes in metal roofing. “They removed the old copper, sold it, re-papered it, and then reinstalled custom copper panels they were cutting on site,” he says.

The entirety of the project took three months to complete.

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