Fujifilm Technology Building

Every so often, a job is challenging for what’s happening on the roof deck and in the spaces below. Working at the Fujifilm building in Santa Clara was one of those jobs. 

“There was so much equipment on that roof that I couldn’t walk it,” remembers BT Superintendent Rod Freitas. “There were spots where I had to crawl or climb. It was intense up there.” 

Project Manager Jesse Reed adds, “There’s piping, ducting, water lines, and conduits

everywhere. Plus, there were clean rooms and hallways throughout most of the building. So, we had to be careful about dust and debris during the entire four-month project.” 


Location Santa Clara, CA
Client Fujifilm
Scope Overlay
Completed 2020
Size 35,000 sq ft

Because of the sensitivity of the rooms in the building, BT and the owner’s consultant opted to install a quarter-inch cover board over the existing roof and then mechanically attach a 60-mil PVC roofing system.

“The old roof was not in good condition,” Jesse reports, “but it wasn’t so bad that we thought it should be torn off. Plus, a tear-off would have been very difficult with all of the systems on the roof and disruptive to the tenants.”

Considering the thickness of the cover board and PVC system, BT’s crew did not have to raise any systems before installation. 

BT ran two crews on the job. “On a typical job, we can do 50 to 100 squares a day,” Jesse says. “This job was so complex that we were lucky to do ten squares.”

Rod adds: “This was a job with a lot of hand welding, which we typically try to avoid because the robots do a better job. But it wasn’t possible, so we brought in our top-notch welders to get the job done. These men are patient and diligent. They did a good job up there.”

Communication between tenants, owners, consultants, and BT was essential during this project. “The property managers did a good job advising the tenant that it was going to be tough for a couple of months, and the tenants were very good to work with,” Jesse says. “The bulk of our communication came leading up to the job, and then we had weekly meetings to keep them updated on our progress.”

Ultimately, he adds, the job went very smoothly. “There were a lot of places where it could have gotten rough with the complexity of the penetrations on the roof and the places where we had to slow down and double-check our work. But, it went smoothly and was a really good outcome.”

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