Victoria Mews

Victoria Mews is an 18-building property spread across two city blocks in San Francisco. Each building offers a stately Victorian exterior, comfortable appointments within, and stunning views of the City from a rooftop deck.

Keeping up the infrastructure at Victoria Mews has always been a priority for the tenants’ HOA, so when it came time to begin discussions about reroofing the 18 buildings on the property, the association turned to Pat Collins, Senior Project Manager at Advanced Resources, LTD, for guidance. Collins, in turn, called on Bigham Taylor Roofing.

“We’ve had a good working relationship with Bigham Taylor and have worked with them on similar projects,” Collins says. “Multi-building, multi-family residential is a unique project, and they have a proven track record with us.”

Location San Francisco, CA
Client Victoria Mews Owners Association
Scope Replacement
Completed 2010
Size 33,000 sq ft

One of the things that made the Victoria Mews project unique, reports BT superintendent Jose Reyes, Jr., was the number of rooftop decks. “Each building has one,” he says, “and they were all unique. Some are detailed and involved, so we had to be careful when removing them.”

The plan was to work methodically through the 18 buildings, so the BT team started with the two buildings on the corner of 19th Street and Wisconsin Street.

“The tear off of the old tar and gravel roof was pretty easy,” Jose says. “Then we removed the roof decks, stored them away, and began applying a Siplast Torch Applied Built-Up Roof.” The Torch Applied system was specified to help occupant comfort during the project.

Another unique aspect of the Victoria Mews project, Collins points out, was that some tenants requested the installation of skylights and sun globes. “That took a certain amount of coordination between the HOA and the individual owners,” Collins reports. “But they made it easy for all, from the billing to the installation.”

Bigham Taylor began working at the site in 2009, tearing off and installing a pair of buildings at the corner of 19th Street and Wisconsin Street. Buildings down Carolina and 20th Street were completed this year.

Collins, who was on site multiple times throughout the project, gives Bigham Taylor’s responsive field team and superintendents credit for keeping Victoria Mews residents and neighbors happy. 

“Typically, you’ll hear a complaint or two,” Collins allows, “but we didn’t hear anything from any of the owners. I believe that was because they were there, available, and responsive to anything that was requested. Bigham Taylor shined.”

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