Logistics & Supply Warehouse

Visalia, CA

California’s Central Valley is the engine of the state’s commerce, housing farms and fields that feed the country and warehouses that supply goods, materials, technology, and more to the Western states.

It’s essential to have mechanically sound warehouses with roofs that protect the machinery, equipment, and materials underneath for the economic strength and stability of the region. 

Over the years, Bigham Taylor crews have worked on dozens of restoration, coatings, maintenance, and repair projects on commercial and industrial warehouses up and down the Valley. 

In 2021, BT took on the challenge of a Logistics and Supply Warehouse project in Visalia. The building’s sizeable flat roof highlighted BT’s expertise, from planning and management to repair and restoration. 

As with any BT project of this size, the crew ensures the building is watertight. “There are millions of dollars of machinery, equipment, and inventory in the warehouse,” says BT’s VP of Field Operations, Steve Yocham. “We understand that we need to keep the floor free from dust and water so that their business can go on while we are working on the roof.”

Location Visalia, CA
Client Utah Retirement System REIT
Scope Restoration
Completed 2021
Size 800,000 sq ft

The Set Up

The existing vinyl roof system was removed by carefully ribbon-cutting the material at the fastener points and then rolling it up. Existing insulation was left in place as much as possible to save on budget and reduce the impact on local landfills.

Planning was a crucial part of the job, especially since the crew needed to manage 800,000 square feet of TPO, plus new insulation to support drainage crickets and the thousands of fasteners required.

“Before anything else, we measured all of our runs to make sure all the materials were in the right place,” explains BT Superintendent Rod Freitas. “A 10-foot TPO roll is 100 feet long, so we’d line up our lanes and put another set of rolls at 105 feet.”

Efficiency at the front end of the project was key. “We had 15 semis delivering material to that site. Had we not planned out those logistics, our crew would have had to double-handle all that material,” Yocham says. “That’s lost time for the client and us.”

Flat Roof Drainage

One inch of water across 800,000 square feet weighs up to 4.1 million pounds. Not many systems and infrastructure can manage that load, so designing and installing effective drainage systems is crucial. 

BT’s crews built 11-inch crickets on this project to get the water flowing in the right direction and off the roof. “It was a well-designed building,” Freitas says, “but we remanufactured all the crickets with additional insulation and materials. The new crickets are taller than the previous system for better performance in extreme weather.”


As soon as the roof deck and crickets were ready, BT crews started rolling out the TPO system carefully, making sure each sheet was laid properly for drainage purposes.

Given the various heights from deck to system, crews used up to seven different-sized fasteners during installation. “As soon as we had it all mapped out, we got the robots running,” Freitas says. “We had up to five robots running to complete around 300 squares a day. It was a huge job. Our guys were up there for five to six months.”

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