From our earliest days, Bigham Taylor Roofing looked for ways to institute and maintain rigorous safety protocols to ensure our crews and civilians around our work areas were as safe as possible. 

Here are just some of the ways that we do that on every project:

Safety Training — during weekly safety meetings, Bigham Taylor updates its crews with the latest information and trains them on best practice techniques. Further, our Safety Manager, project managers, and superintendents inspect and maintain our worksites with safety top of mind. Our personnel undergo constant training from the day they are hired. This includes, but is not limited to: ladder safety, fall protection, fall prevention, power tools, personal protection equipment, heat illness and injury, hazardous substances, electrical and mechanical lock-out/tag-out, first aid and CPR, and lifting techniques. The training process is ongoing with weekly crew toolbox safety meetings, bi-montlhy all foreman safety meetings, and bi-monthly all crew meetings.. We are constantly working on safety training and communication throughout the organization.

Fall Prevention — before starting any tear-off or application process, we train and outfit our crews with harnesses and lanyards while working on a roof.

Third Party Inspection — we work with an OSHA-certified 3rd Party inspector to provide periodic project and safety plan audits. This helps ensure that our safety plan and onsite procedures are continuously being examined and updated to meet the newest regulations and industry best practices.

Job Site Inspection — Our Safety Manager inspects each and every project we work on. Reports for each inspection are made, and any corrective actions are noted and addressed. These reports are also used as training sources for our regular safety meetings.

In addition to crew safety, Bigham Taylor’s project managers regularly contact building owners and property managers to inform and educate them on the processes, materials, and systems the crews will be using onsite. 

“The quality of work we do is incredibly important to us, but it’s nothing compared to our dedication to keeping our crews and the people around our job sites safe,” says Bigham Taylor General Manager Steve Galli. “We are laser-focused on developing safety systems and training everyone to maintain a secure work environment.”

Please contact us to discuss our Safety Program and how we can help reduce risk on your job site.