Roofing Analysis & Budgeting

All good building asset mangement starts with proper assessment of existing conditions, and then budgeting for necessary projects both now and in the future. Bigham Taylor’s many decades of work with building owners, managers, and contractors has helped us develop the expertise necessary to provide them with the proper assessments and budgets to manage and maintain the building envelope waterproofing integrity.

Our Roofing and Waterproofing Analysis & Budgeting Services

Roofing and Waterproofing Assessment

Infrared Scan Services

Due Diligence Reports

Budgeting (Capital Projects and Annual Repair and Maintenance Expenses)

System Design

The first thing we build is relationships

The longevity, growth, and success of Bigham Taylor Roofing over the past 45-plus years are thanks to our relationships with property owners and managers, roofing consultants, and general contractors. We deliver transparency and honesty to foster solid and long-lasting relationships.

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