Green, Solar, & Garden Roofs

Roofs have gone from unseen building parts to ideal spots to collect energy, plant a garden, or create a gathering place. Bigham Taylor works with architects, general contractors, and building owners to build green, solar, and garden Specialty roofs.

Bigham Taylor achieves Title 24 compliance by installing a conforming roof system or coating. We’ve also worked with building owners and managers to achieve compliance by conducting a complete building analysis to determine how a building’s components relate to the overall calculations needed to achieve Title 24 acknowledgment.

In addition to ensuring that the roofs we install comply with California’s Title 24 building energy efficiency standards, BT’s roofers are experts at Cool Roofs, Photovoltaic installations, and Daylighting (installing skylights to help reduce the energy needs within a building, supporting Title 24 compliance). 

Photovoltaic — roofs with solar energy panels — remain a popular choice on commercial buildings in California and Nevada, so BT partners with solar installers and general contractors to integrate photovoltaic into roof restorations. 

Garden roofs add something special to buildings, whether a gathering space or a spot to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We’ve worked with architects, landscape designers, and general contractors to deliver beautiful garden specialty roofs.

Locations for Specialty Roofs


(Solar, Green, Garden)


Retail Stores

(Solar, Green, Garden)

High Rise Apartments
(Solar, Green, Garden)

Commercial Buildings
(Solar, Green, Garden)

Government Buildings
(Solar, Green, Garden)

Shopping Centers
(Solar, Green, Garden)

Parking Structures
(Solar, Green, Garden)

Office Buildings
(Solar, Green, Garden)


(Solar, Green, Garden)

(Solar, Green, Garden)

Materials Used on Specialty Roofs

Title 24 Compliant Coatings

Barrel Vault Skylights

Pyramid Skylights

Ridge Skylights

Photovoltaic Panels

Filter Fabrics




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The longevity, growth, and success of Bigham Taylor Roofing over the past 45-plus years are thanks to our relationships with property owners and managers, roofing consultants, and general contractors. We deliver transparency and honesty to foster solid and long-lasting relationships.

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