Darby Hunter Lampi came to Bigham Taylor in 2006, looking to continue her numerical fascination. “I like numbers. They make sense to me,” she says. “I’m very factual and with numbers there’s always an answer.”

As Bigham Taylor’s controller, Darby seems to have found the niche that she’s been looking for since she can remember. In fact, her high school job was at Good Guys where she managed the cashier department. During her days at Cal State Hayward, where she earned a degree in accounting, she served as a paralegal to a bankruptcy attorney.

Darby’s affection for numbers doesn’t end when she leaves the office. In fact, during the annual Girl Scout cookie drive she turns into the Nutty Cookie Mom, a title affectionately given to her by her daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

“I will sell cookies to anyone,” she says with a laugh. “A couple years ago I delivered 15 boxes of cookies to a friend that I hadn’t seen since high school. She found me on Facebook and asked, so I got it done.”

Back at Bigam Taylor, Darby has taken on an additional host of responsibilities that help the company run more efficiently. For instance, she’s spent the past couple of years getting both company and client acclimated to using the Dataforma system.

“It’s where we have the information about every job we’ve ever done,” she explains. “From bids to work orders to repair history and warranties. It’s also a client portal where they can check on the status of their job, the history of their building or report leaks. It’s really enabled us to improve our level of customer service.”

It’s been a perfect addition to her Controller responsibilities. After all, more data means more numbers.